Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd, 2010

Another great day, a little chilly, but nothing a little juggling couldn't overcome.  We had Jeff, up from Baton Rouge, accompanying a freshman relation to a city college.  He fell right in with the group, passed with Seth and me for most of the time we were there.  Jeff and family had taken the opportunity to make an NYC trip out of the student dropoff. 

Colin, Robin, Krista, David, and Jonathan were all there as well.  Dante stopped by for three quick minutes to show us his skills.  It seems that we may get a little uptick in regular attendance.  I had forgotten how popular the park is in the runup to the holidays.   Talk about diversity in juggling props as well today!  We had two contact jugglers, club passing, ball juggling, and a diablo all going at once today.  A strong end to the week.   Nine jugglers, thirteen people including non-juggling hangers-on.

The New York Post will be featuring the Bryant park Juggling club in Monday's edition.  Check it out.
(Update 10/23/10) , source at the Post tells me the story has been pushed off for a week, so November 1 should be the date.)

Have a good weekend!


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