Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week of 4/22 - 4/26, 2013

The weather is finally actually warming up a bit.  We were located this week in the gravel area behind the Southwest Porch.  The equipment got a little dusty, but other than that it is a pretty good spot.  We really liked the spot from last week west of the fountain, and we hope that is our more or less permanent home.
Ilze from Latvia became a short term regular, we threw Joanna in the deep end of the pool in a four person passing pattern, Selena was with us pretty much every day, and we had excellent traffic.   Wednesdays evening juggle in Croton was lightly attended; the weather did not cooperate later in the day.  All told an excellent week.  Alex was at the graduation at the college and was not there on Friday.  Here are pictures...

And Juggle Face of the Week goes to...

This guy, whose name I did not get...

Congratulations, guy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week of 4/15 - 4/19/2013

We had another fantastic week with the Bryant Park Jugglers!

The location by the fountain has been fantastic, with increased traffic from 6th Ave.

We have a couple of new regulars who have been with us for a few days now, Jordan, Ilse, and Minty come to mind.   

We had a great midweek meeting in Croton at the Riverwalk. A note to parents: do not give your four-year-old your cameraphone to take pictures.  Mine took 207 of them at the Wednesday juggle.  

Rob Brizzell created a nice short video of us, check it out!   Thanks again, Rob!

Be well, people!

Here are the pictures....

And Juggle Face of The Week goes to . . .

Mohammed.  Congratulations, Mohammed!