Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Official Saturday Juggle!

Hello All:
The weather in the park today was amazing – we finally broke 60 degrees! Today was also the first official Bryant Park Juggling Saturday juggle. The turnout was great only a few regulars were in attendance (Jeff, Laura-Jeanne, and Amanda to name a few). The crowd came and went as the afternoon progressed. A ruff estimate would say between 50 and 70 people attended at various times through the afternoon.  We had club passing, chicken passing, ball passing, ring juggling, ball juggling, club juggling, diablo, devil sticks, and more.

The group was able to award some button to a few very talented new jugglers. I cannot say it enough but the joy of seeing someone be able to juggle for the first time is amazing. Watching the new juggler the first time they can make 3 or 6 catches in a row is just priceless! I have to thank all the people that come to the juggle to make it such a rewarding experience.

The juggle was set from noon – 3pm today but I know there were still juggling going on at 4pm. I do consider it quite normal for the juggles in Bryant Park to go on longer then scheduled. Simply put juggling is addicting and a great exercise. Anyone on the midtown area should come and visit us even if only to watch; though learni8ng in greatly encouraged. Most jugglers find it easy to make a person smile while watching a juggle, but that smile will only last a short while. Now if we can teach you to juggle – then you can smile while learning and smile while showing someone else what you can now do! It is like giving a smile for a lifetime. An even greater reward is when that new juggler goes and continues to practice and learn and then begins to share their learned talent with others and the juggling community continues to grow.

I have come to that point in this blog when once again I must say good bye. I hope you are at the next juggle and join us in this great love of object manipulation – it is a lot of fun!
... Enjoy the pictures =)


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delayed Saturday Post

This Saturday post is from March 15, 2013. Due to an extremely lazy person (me =)) I am only getting to go through the pictures almost a week later. I may be delayed but the best things in this world are those waited for – patiently. OK maybe these pics and this post will not live up to the hype of the previous sentence but here we go...
The weather is starting to break. Jugglers are still arriving in heavy coats but the coats are beginning to shed. It also seems that a lot of the group has been practicing a lot over the winter and the tricks are flying all over =)
Also the Saturday juggle which has been unofficial to this point is now being made a regular event - Thanks Jeff!!! Of course anyone that knows the history of Bryant Park Juggling knows that it began with a single person going into the park to juggle on their lunch break. This was a retreat of the work day and a great way to relieve stress. Now the group has grown and sadly many people have trouble making the weekday juggles. The Saturday juggle allows us to spread the love of the juggle in midtown New York to people that may have to work during the week!
I have recently heard rumors that there will be some extra juggle events going on the days before “Juggle This”. I will try to write if I get more information but honestly – I go to the juggle to juggle not to report or take pictures =P
Thanks for reading – see you juggling soon <3


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some Saturday Juggling

I am sure that everyone in the local area is getting sick of the snow and cold weather. The jugglers at Bryant park saw a warm day coming and planned a Saturday juggle at the park. The weather was sunny, warm, and just plain beautiful. Several regulars (Jeff, Amanda, Laura-Jeanne, Pete, and Naomi)came out to juggle and many random people stopped to play and learn with us. Jeff was able to award a button for a new juggler completing their first qualified 3-ball cascade. Here are some pictures I truly hope the next set of pictures has you in them too!