Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday - February 4, 2014

At Bryant Park Juggling one of the best feelings a juggler can have the excitement when they have been able to teach another person how to juggle. Juggling is bar far addictive by being extremely enjoyable. Learning a new trick is great, especially when it was a trick that was simply not physically possible. But for myself, and I do believe I can say I speak for several other jugglers when I say that being able to get someone a pin that says "I learned to juggle in Bryant Park", makes me smile as if it was I that was finally able to qualify a three ball cascade for the first time. Well today I did not get to give anyone a pin but others did so I took a few pictures and hope you enjoy the smiles as much as I do. Congratulations to the button achievers!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 31, 2014

A banner day for the BP jugglers!  Alex suited up and made a successful request for sweet texting/juggling gloves from the Verizon/NFL behemoth.  Five of our finest are now outfitted with the best of Verizon branded gloves with capacitive-ready ten finger action.  One of our jugglers wondered 'why the pinkies?'. Excellent question ... and we are looking into it.

We wish any and all an excellent weekend, and we have also heard tell of the Saturday juggle coming back right now.  Tomorrow.  Check Facebook for the deets.