Friday, May 10, 2013

Week of May 6 - 10, 2013

O. WOW! What a week!  Where do we start...

We were solid through the week, despite two days of rain.

Friday, as has been noted, was the third anniversary of daily juggling in Bryant Park.  This all began first with Alex Dyer practicing by himself in the Fall of 2009.

Thank you Lisa Soverino and Dan Berkley for finding us early on, then followed that next Spring by CJ, Seth and Alex.

We are all looking forward to our fourth season in the park!


Mr. Touncara of Gambia, a local window-washer, stopped by, giving Alex a chance to practice his Mandinka.

A local businessman stopped by for the juggle.

Josh was back for the day.

Josh Wiener running seven balls.

Seth running five.

This was a really fun rotating-Y pattern we ran with four of us for a bit.

There was a big a capella group singing on the other side of the Southwest Porch from us, Straight, No Chaser, for the evening juggle.

Jeremy and others form the NYU club came up for the juggle and went out afterward.

Gary from last summer was back, along with his son.

Wednesday, it rained.  Despite this fact, five of us gathered to juggle.  I think we have a juggle problem.  Jordan took a coupe of pictures and Auggie, Olga and Seth went off to juggle in the subway station when Alex had to get back to work.


 More rain.  Penda same into the city with her Papa, went to the Whale exhibit at Natural History, and reported seeing Seth and Olga juggling in the park.


Invited to help open the lawn, the group was ready.  We had Jordan, Selena.and Seth (w/Lillian and his mom), Joanna, Jeff, Crystal, Danny, Josh, Alex, Anne, Manny, Joe, Joan, Copper, Laura-Jeanne, Laura, other Jordan, and many drop-ins.

Copper and her pushups.

Crystal is back after three weeks and foot surgery.  Back and juggling!

Juggle Face of the Week

Another three-way tie...Too difficult to choose...