Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

We had at least 70 people at the juggle last night...

Alex, Jordan, Karas, Chris, Viveca, Ro, Daren, Fanny,  Joanne, Jen, David, Sarah, Mitch, Noel, Annie, Juan Camilo, Mitch, Ashika, Dipika, Kanul, Yash, Peter, Paul, Kristy, Greta, Isaiah, Denise, Billy,  Catherine, Olga, Seth, Ayu, Ndey, Schmule, Avram, Kristen, Kelsey,  Julia, Bennett, Liz, Jared, Selena, Vince, Shaday +1, Charlotte +4, Hillary +1, and 18 unidentified from photographs.

Pics to follow.

... and here they are.
 HIGHLIGHTS:  Mr. Michael Karas was in the house!  Wonderful to see him, for sure.   Avram and Schmule showed up, repeat customers we taught to pass clubs two summers ago.  An intriguing long time NY juggler named Peter was there with his Phi shirt.  Bennett from Carmine made an appearance. We had ten club-passers in attendance and 31 clubs.   We attempted two interlocking five-pointed stars (didn't work out so well), and then a 6 x 4 pattern that worked out better.

And juggle-face of the week (so far) goes to the juggler at the bottom of the post.  We'll see if someone can top it Friday.

 Juggle-Face of the week...witness the intensity below.

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