Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday day and night, April 2, 2013

We had a very nice, if slightly chilly,Tuesday.  Seth is back from his exciting Mexican adventure, and we have Anthony Attinello visiting for a couple of days.  Robin and Mika and Joanna and Jackie were there at lunch as well. 

For the evening juggle, we had regulars Rodrigo, Jelani, Joanna, Catherine, Brian, Jim, and Michael.  Newcomers Bendu, Jordan, and Anthony all learned the three ball cascade from scratch!  In addition, a pleasant surprise...three more club passers were in attendance.  Adam, Todd and Hervé.  Todd and Hervé are from Paris, and we could hardly communicate using spoken language, but we're running a rotating feed within minutes of their showing up. 
Juggling, a universal language!

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  1. Hello, I recently found your site looking for juggling clubs in NYC. Can I ask a serious question though? I notice there isn't any contact juggling or stick juggling in these pictures. I'm sort of new to the scene and wondered if it was a Crips/Bloods scenario where pins, tossers and ball jugglers don't cross into the contact jugglers turf? Seriously though, I am getting semi serious about juggling with my lunastix (flower sticks/juggle sticks) and haven't found anyone who still does it. I have also heard disdain from other jugglers upon this particular type of juggling. Am I crazy? I'd love to come for an afternoon and hang out with some like-minded people but wasn't sure of the protocol. Love the site. Keep it up!