Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week of 4/29 - 5/3, 2013

Another beautiful week in the park!  We started off with a little rain...Didn't stop the hard-core, Seth, Alex, Jordan and Olga, from coming out.  

Tuesday's Juggle was beautiful.  Dipeeka made her first appearance, and has the promise of becoming a real regular.

Tuesday evening's juggle was presided over by the capable Joanna  with help from a few other of the regulars.  She made all the regular organizers super jealous bad by both staying an extra hour and then organizing a meal at Heartland Brewery afterward.  Way to go, crew!  We are apparently unstoppable.  Photographs from that evening are on the Facebook group page.

This is what Alex was up to that night, birthday dinner with Mom/grandma.

Wednesday Juggle.  There was some sort of Occupy Wall Street-type protest going on right west of the fountain where we have been setting up.  We figured it was best to choose our battles wisely and set back up behind the Southwest porch where we were the other week.

Wednesday evening juggle in Croton.  Somewhat lightly attended, but dynamite weather!

Be warned:  This is what happens when you go barefoot on the river in Croton in early Spring.  It is not poop, but rather some kind of sappy tree litter.  It took nail polish remover to get it off properly.

  Thursday's Juggle.  Josh Weiner also has joined us regularly beginning with the Tuesday evening meeting.  Good to have him back!

Friday Juggle.   Joan was back with us, and Gary, an old-time Carminer who was pleased to have a new place to juggle.  Karen from the winter juggle also returned to us this day, hooray!


This week we have a three way tie.  All for different reasons, and one not technically juggle-face, but still notable.




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