Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delayed Saturday Post

This Saturday post is from March 15, 2013. Due to an extremely lazy person (me =)) I am only getting to go through the pictures almost a week later. I may be delayed but the best things in this world are those waited for – patiently. OK maybe these pics and this post will not live up to the hype of the previous sentence but here we go...
The weather is starting to break. Jugglers are still arriving in heavy coats but the coats are beginning to shed. It also seems that a lot of the group has been practicing a lot over the winter and the tricks are flying all over =)
Also the Saturday juggle which has been unofficial to this point is now being made a regular event - Thanks Jeff!!! Of course anyone that knows the history of Bryant Park Juggling knows that it began with a single person going into the park to juggle on their lunch break. This was a retreat of the work day and a great way to relieve stress. Now the group has grown and sadly many people have trouble making the weekday juggles. The Saturday juggle allows us to spread the love of the juggle in midtown New York to people that may have to work during the week!
I have recently heard rumors that there will be some extra juggle events going on the days before “Juggle This”. I will try to write if I get more information but honestly – I go to the juggle to juggle not to report or take pictures =P
Thanks for reading – see you juggling soon <3


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