Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Streets wrapup and Unifest weekend kickoff

Summer Streets wrapup and Unifest weekend kickoff

We had a fantastic time at the summer streets celebration in August.  Our two outings on 51st and Park were met with enthusiasm by the crowds in attendance.  between five and eight performers on each of the days and about twice that many volunteer teachers.


We had a grand time also welcoming the unicycle crowd to town.  For the fourth year, the Bryant Park jugglers, eight of us (many were in the group cycling from City Hall to Coney Island) met them out at Nathans.   We enjoyed juggling in front of police horses, eating treats from Nathans, including frog's legs (who knew?), the unicycle opening show, fireworks, and rode the Cyclone rollercoaster at about ten PM to cap off the night.   Truly one of our favorite nights of the year.  

Pics courtesy of Laura Minsk from from the final lawn juggle.

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  1. Looks like fun. If I still lived in NY, I would stop by and juggle with the group!