Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello!  A little bit of a gap here, folks, sorry about that.  Take a look at what we've been up to...

First pictures are of the following Friday the 20th of July.  We were rained out, we will never make that mistake again.  It never really rains in those cases.   That Friday we got a few drops starting around 2:15.    Joe showed up, it was just the three of us, down 147 from the previous week.

Alex went to the beer tasting at the Green Growler in Croton on Hudson in his capacity as fire juggler in residence.  The folks at the growler are always appreciative...and pay in beer.

BIG Tuesday Juggle, this was the week just after the IJA festival in Raleigh-Durham.  We had a few people on their way home from the fest.

Wednesday Juggle with Jeff and another Juggler who showed up just the one day, Oliver, maybe?

Sunset over the Hudson.  Taken straight from the train.  Such an amazing commute!

Tuesday the 31st during the noontime juggle.

 Then the evening of the same day, Tuesday Juggle.

THIS was a fun day, we had a photo project group from the International Center for Photography taking pictures.  We also had what Jordan calls the 'next-wave' of poi spinners.  These are students at Vassar who are office holders in the Barefoot Monkeys, the campus juggling/manipulation group.

 A video of partner-poi, something I didn't even know existed until then...

Olga brought her sister, who didn't really want to juggle, we made her do it anyway...

She was a pretty good sport about it.

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