Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week of August 20th, 2012

We had a fantastic week of juggling this week, lunchtimes, Tuesday evening and Friday afternoon.

Joe was around a lot.  He heads back to school next week.

Tuesday Evening was great.  Caitlin had her last day with us, her internship being over for the summer.  She will be missed, but says she will be back to visit.

 After the shooting at the Empire State Building on Friday they shut down 5th Avenue from 42nd street down, just north of where I cross.  I got a couple of pictures.

 Sunette was back for a day, always nice to see her.

 A Senegalese woman showed up with her 3 year old friend charge, nice for Alex to speak Wolof with someone.

One of the highlights of Friday was Crystal, who showed up, did the slow walk by, and was invited in.  She had taught herself to juggle backwards...with ping pong balls.  We taught her the standard cascade,she also promises to come back.

These last four pictures are from a photographer named David, who sent them to us in the last few days.  They are from Friday of last week.


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