Saturday, September 1, 2012

Final week of Summer juggling season wrapup!

Whooee!  What a week and what a summer!

This was our final week of the summer season and it was just great.  We had a lot of returnees, a lot of interesting one-timers, and a couple of folks who are seeming interested enough to become regulars even here at the end of the summer.   Jordan was out much of the week, but was around Tuesday evening.  Before the pictures I wanted to thank a special set of people...Jordan and Joe and Seth and Viveca and Ross and Mitch and Robin and Gary and Rick and Joanna and Michael and Juan Camilo and Thomas and Miguel and Paris and Jeff and CJ and David and Paula and Michael and Annie and Felice and Crystal and Jasmine and Sunette and Les and Caitlin and Shmule and Aviram and Jared and Deslyn and Penda and Charlotte and Pamela and Layla and Ro and Daren and James and Rhoda and Maggie and Chris and Danny and Catherine and Lyra and Kaye and Greta and Tom and Denise and Sidney and Olga and Tavik and Devin and Kati and Jesse and Bennett and Jen and Beverly and Kal and Ben.  These individuals, and a few I have undoubtedly left out (Sorry!) showed up to juggle, left, and then came back again and again.   Thank you all for providing a solid core to our weekly playground.

 Monday was Joe's last day.  He headed back to study at Hampshire college.  Joe was a huge help to us this season, actually subbing for me or Jordan on more than one occasion.  Thanks again Joe!

David popped in (illegally parked, naturally for him) for about thirty seconds of club passing on Monday.

Our Final Tuesday was great.  We knew that we had the Unicycle Festival to compete with on Friday for some of our people, but we had a very good turnout nonetheless.

Cynthia and Lester (my brother and sister in law) came by to juggle, to be sure not to miss the summer entirely.

 Newcomer Jasmine did the slow walk-by and was easily drawn in, she was ready for us.

 Thursday lunchtime we were lucky enough to have Joe from Berkeley come out to juggle with us.  We had a meeting also to extend the Tuesday juggle into September/October, mostly on the lawn.   Also, Jasmine and Leslie were back for more.

Final Friday Juggle.   The rock star in the house was Paris, humbling every one of us with his seven ball routine, outstanding teaching techniques, and the rest of it.   Crystal was back, also Marie!  Tricia and Oscar made a special trip from Miami just to visit the juggling club!

 Devin came and brought a friend from work, and of course Seth was there.

 A REAL first at the club!  Newlyweds were coming by with their photographer, and decided they wanted pictures taken of them embracing with nine clubs being passed around them.  Ha!

Seth taught Paula how to pass balls, and she caught right on.

 Jenny made sure to stop by and passed clubs with us.

 The lady jugglers in fabulous dresses.

The originators Alex Dyer and Seth Magee, three years in and still going strong.

Rhythmic gymnast showing us something else to do with clubs, and her adorable friend.

Alex, Ross, and his roommate went straight from the juggle to meet the unicyclists at Coney Island.  We ate hot dogs, funnel cakes and corndogs, drank beer, watched the fireworks, and rode the Cyclone rollercoaster at ten-thirty PM.

I had one lone juggling ball that I accidentally left in my bag.  We played catch and Ross practiced headstalls on the beach.

I made the 12:20PM train back to Westchester with literally 10 seconds to spare.  Thank goodness for an understanding family.  ; )

Juggling WILL GO ON into the Fall.  Every single day of the week around 12-2, and Tuesday evenings 5 - 7.  Keep looking for us here, and check Twitter @BPJugglers, and our Facebook group and page.

Yours forever in defiance of Gravity.

Alex and the Bryant Park Jugglers

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