Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Day Juggle

Happy Halloween! We had a great day juggle today. There was a threat of rain but the jugglers came anyway. Even as the rain began to fall the jugglers stayed and juggled some more! We had Alex, Jordan, Seth, Jeff, Amanda, Laura-Jeanne, Karen, and many more. As always if we miss your name on this blog please feel free to write in or comment so we can update the blog with your name accordingly. There was some ball toss juggling, clubs toss juggling, clubs toss passing, and devil stick play in the park. Yes there was some costumed jugglers to celebrate the holiday. I didn’t get a picture but there was one full body teddy bear costume and some less extravagant costumes. Shelter was found under umbrellas and under the roof sides of the Bank of America Winter Village.

This is my first blog post so I hope to get better at writing with time.  Pictures will also slowly grow on the blog as I get used to taking them instead of just juggling.
Thanks for reading,
The Juggling Ghost Writer

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