Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Day Juggle (11-1-2013)

Today the park was perfectly weathered with the temperature being a comfortable 65 degrees Fahrenheit and some clouds in the sky. The ground was slightly wet but that just helped to reduce the amount dust from our newly acquired spot in the park. We have recently, within the past 2 weeks, been given a location at the southwest corner of the park behind the Bank of America Winter Village.

The Friday day juggle is a 3 hour event running from 12 noon till 3PM EST. All types of juggling are welcome to all Bryant Park Juggler events; ball juggling, club juggling, ring juggling, diablo, devil sticks, contact juggling, balancing, combination juggling, or any other form of object manipulation. All skill sets are always welcome from beginner to advanced or even professional. Beginners are usually quickly greeted by another juggler to help them develop or hone a skill.  It can even be said that the Bryant Park Jugglers are world renowned for being friendly teachers of the ancient art of juggling / object manipulation.

This writer was only able to stay for about an hour today but there was still plenty of juggling going on upon my departure. During the juggle today there was Alex, Jordan, Seth, Olga, Amanda, Kourtney, Ann, David, Naomi, Leonard, Valentine, and some others I am not able to name. Anyone that showed up for the juggle, that did not get an honorable mention here, please write in or comment so we can add you to the list in an update to this blog.

Jordan, Seth, Olga, and Alex were practicing a very nice club passing pattern of “round about”. Seth also worked on his 5 and 7 balls cascades. Kourtney and Naomi were busy working on their 3 ball cascade. Ann worked with David to advance his 3 ball cascade skills. Valentine was practicing various 3 club and 4 club patterns. Leonard worked on his 3 ball box pattern. Curtis was back after a month away to work on his 3 club tricks. Amanda was working on her 3 / 4 ball patterns and some 3 club patterns.

All said and done it was great afternoon that was only saddened by having to go back to work. This post will conclude this week’s blog. There are some pictures from today added at the end of this post. This is The Juggling Ghost Writer wishing everyone a pleasant and safe weekend!


  1. Groovy! Will the blog be a daily part of our repertoire? Will we see a return of "juggling-face" photos? Video? More?

    Thanks for posting, mysterious juggleblogger!

  2. Fantastic job, ghost blogger. As former blogger, I hope that juggle face continues into the future!