Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday 1-31-2013

OK s it is true, the weather has been warming up a tiny bit (if you call 40 degrees Fahrenheit warm). Today was a great day to juggle in the park. Although seasonal tents have taken over most of the park the jugglers still have a nice spot to play. Most of the time juggling can be a 1 person event but juggling in a group is super nice. Today Amanda and Laura-Jeanne stay late and did some ball passing. At the same time Josh was being his usually amazing self balancing a club on his forehead while juggling three others!

I regret not having and pictures to share today but the weather was nice I could only enjoy juggling. Passing by SuperBowl Bulevard was a little terrorizing but well worth it for the warm day juggle at Bryant Park. There is just something magical about midtown even when it is invaded!

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