Monday, January 27, 2014

Important message :: from a non essential juggling blogger

The weather in the park has been cold. There is not much other way to express what 5 – 20 degrees Fahrenheit feels like in NYC while juggling half frozen balls and plastic clubs that are colder than my freezer. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures that NYC has to offer this time of year jugglers come out and shiver; this must be for the love of their art form. Most of the jugglers that you talk to will just insist there is a level of insanity or just a pure addiction that brings them out to freeze. Why they come out to juggle does not matter because after you watch this group for just a moment they may ensnare you too; the smiles, the laugher, the achievements… So I put forth that the joy that the jugglers get from juggling warms their hearts and makes it possible to juggle in the sub-freezing temperatures. Now you can see there is no reason not to go and juggle and the group teaches any skill set how to juggle or new patterns to enhance a juggler skillset. Most new jugglers can juggle at least 1 ball within seconds and 2 in minutes! See you in the park…

Disclaimer:: (isn’t important)

The aforementioned comments and statements are not the views of anyone of any true consequence and the validity of any scientific fact surely has no researched basis. Best move is now to forget the past few minutes and continue on your life as if you were never here except the overwhelming urge to go to Bryant Park and juggle year round Monday to Friday 12 noon – 1 PM EST and Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 7:30.





... Life is meant to be funny enjoy it and live long - here are a few of the only pictures I have taken my hands out of my gloves for the past few weeks enjoy - congratulations to all the recent button achievers! =)


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