Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday 5-17-2014 (sunny)

Hello all you jugglers and juggling enthusiasts. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Saturday was sunny, bright, shiny, warm, and just plain old beautiful! A great many people came to join the Bryant Park Juggle. As usual I was either too lazy or caught up in the festivities so I did not take a count. Not really sure how I would take a count as some people come and go quickly; so the count would be different if measured at different times through the day. I assume I just could keep a notepad and ask people their name and try to track it that way… no I revert to my original intentions.

I come to juggle.

I did happen to bring out my camera this gorgeous Saturday, so perhaps there are more pictures then are truly necessary. Enjoy the pictures and please credit Bryant Park Jugglers if you do happen to reuse them =)

Once again the juggle itself was amazing. We had Robin working three diablos at the same time. Pete and some younger kid were rocking the 4 cub cascades. Amanda was busy showing off some three ball and club tricks. Olga came along and showed everyone that juggling is a beautiful form. Jeff was busy teaching new jugglers how to cascade. There was an awesome number of amazing object manipulators and the smiles were not short of divine.

Seeing happy people has to be one of the greatest forms of pleasure I can imagine. As an empathetic people a smile is as good as a meal for it is a meal to the soul. Juggling makes me happy; the smile – they laugh – they triumph. Recently it has come to my attention that juggling is a very social activity. I came to the group a very shy and bashful person; but now I comfortably approach people and entice them with learning to juggle. Then the magic happens – as you teach or learn together you share special moments and create bonds. I can honestly say I have made friends while juggle and made many more acquaintances that are each more amazing then the last.

I am still not sure why I blog but I try to make it about juggling or the experience of object manipulation. Please leave feedback or a comment share your name or experience and let the world know how great it is to be a juggler.

Happy juggling! =)

Oh yeah here are all those pictures I mentioned earlier…


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