Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday night Juggle (5-14-2014)

Tuesday night Juggle - Wednesday morning ramble =)

The weather has really been making some great changes lately. Yesterday is was warm and sunny. Perfect weather for juggling! Wait - No ... any weather is perfect weather for juggling; yesterday was nice weather for people ;-)
OK now enough with the jokes and time for some serious blogging. Once again I need to disagree with myself --- I am not capable of being serious.
As of late this blogger has not been able to make it to the juggle as often. Work schedules have caused me to become a twice a week Bryant Park Juggler. I am now only making the Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon juggles now. This is very saddening to me; and to think this was a social activity I didn't even know about just a couple of years ago. Of course, do not fear the day juggle stays going strong from 12 noon to 1pm Monday through Friday.
So back to the Tuesday night juggle from last night. With the weather in New York City being so nice the crowds are returning. Gone is the day of a lonely juggling or two juggling in the snow and back is the times of 20 – 30 – 40 + people arriving to learn, juggle, and smile. Last night there was a large amount of people, I was too busy having fun myself to count or take pictures. Here is a terrible attempt at naming some of the people that came to play; Alex, Jeff, Kate, Crystal, Andy, Joe, Gabriele, Billy, Ross, Rob, Amanda, Naomi, and many more.
After the juggle a few of the group made their way over to a local pizza joint. The group walked in and proceeded to combine 5 tables in order to create seating large enough for us.  This pizza restaurant has started to get to know us and adds even more feeling of home to the group. My previous list of people are only the few of the group that I was able to name form the pictures as we ate.
Yesterday was the, to the day, 4th anniversary of the Bryant Park Juggling being official. Thanks to all for the wonderful memories and great times to come!
Here are a bunch of random recent pictures.



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