Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One funny thing happened today.   Just as we were arriving, a woman from the park came up to us and said that we had somehow left a juggling club in the bushes and that she would go and get it for us when she got a chance.  Before she was able to get back to us, another worker said the same thing, went and got it, and then a third concerned park worker asked after our errant club.  Worker number one came back to find us straightened out.   Nice looking out, Bryant Park Staff!

We had fourteen people juggling in the park today, if you count three adorable little girls (and their guardians) given a ball each to throw around, and I do count everyone involved.

Two Marks and a Rick made it out, and gave it their all.  We had a journalist/poet named Angela who, at first, said she was going to eat, but then  thought better of it and spent most of her time juggling with us.  Someone said she would be writing a poem about us, which is the sweetest thing I heard all week.  Jonathan, Krista, Me, and Seth rounded out the group, and we had a couple of more stoppers-by.   Here are the pictures.



  1. Seeing those little girls there reminds me of the scarves -- that is going to be so great if I ever get my act together and bring them :) I was thinking we can just give away a set to the kids who stop by, maybe braided into a bracelet or something cool like that. Maybe Dube could sponsor our little juggling awareness program and give us some scarves to give away! :)