Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

So, the spot at the top of the stairs was not meant to last.  Our contact at the park let me know, and we are in a new spot yet again.  On the northern side of the ice rink, there is a light-support structure.   We are directly behind it.   Also, we are back on the Park calendar effectively today!

It is not a bad spot and definitely high-profile, with people walking by constantly.   A family from Texas stopped by, we passed clubs around their daughters for a minute.  When we were finished, the father walked up to me, reaching for his wallet, saying "what do we owe you?"  I thought for a second, and told him he could send me one of the pictures he had just taken with his iPhone.   He sent me a blank message, intentionally or no, I wrote him back and hopefully I'll get the picture eventually.

Skating this morning was replaced by a 'private event' that turned out to be a promotional thing for one of the sponsors, an airline, with Santa, sexy, skirted elf-girls and blue-clad flightline marshallers.   We watched their 1 o'clock show before going back to work.

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