Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, New Gear, New People.

 Today was a Good Day for our little group in the park.   The table advertising seems to have worked, it was installed yesterday and we can already see a noticeable uptick in the numbers of people coming by.  We have the Bryant Park Corporation and Pepsi to thank for the first installment of new juggling equipment, nine new large stage balls (four inch soft plastic balls), and fifteen new PX3 pirouette juggling clubs.

In attendance we had Alex, Jordan, Chris, Joanna, Viveca, Rex, Isaac and family of three, Kelly, Alexa, Bob, Tony, Thomas, Mitch, David, Donald, Oriana and three friends, Lily and three friends, Amandine, Jesse, Paul, Dan, James, Caitlin, Braisse, Marilu, Mariela, Donny, Angelina, Robert, Jeff, Jeff, Irene, and Anna.   That's 43, and we must have missed some names.  Please complain angrily in response to this with your name if we left you out.    These are pictures from both the 12 o'clock and 5:30 juggle sessions today, enjoy!    And thank you everyone for coming out and juggling with us.

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