Friday, June 22, 2012

Recent weeks and sponsorship!

Weeks of June11th and 18th

First week it rained, we juggled anyway, and second week it did not.  Thomas from France showed up, and showed us all up to boot.

Here are some pictures.

                                                            Juggling in the pouring rain.

Then we have yesterday, Monday the 25th of June, when we learned of the advertising campaign of our new corporate sponsor, Pepsi.  They have plastered a couple of dozen of the park tables with an ad for the juggling lessons in the park.  It really made our Monday to see the effort going into this.

 Joe Goldin showed up to pass with Alex and Jordan, Anna from Germany, and then Thomas from Nice came back with his juggling souvenir from Brian Dube's pink juggling clubs.    It would seem so easy to make fun of a guy for purchasing such girly-colored clubs, but he's such a good juggler, there's really nothing to make fun of.  

Lastly at the bottom, I am leaving the park and I find a guy working five tennis balls, on our turf!  I introduce myself, he gives me a card and I realize I already knew him.. Juan Camilo, I had see him at Pratt a couple of years ago.   He is a juggler, dancer and photographer. 

 Thomas and his New York souvenir.