Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Juggle – December 8, 2013

It is rare that we have a Sunday juggle, but this week we did! Joanna made a request for a weekend juggle on Facebook earlier in the week and a few group participants felt it would be a good idea. So Jeff was nice enough to come from 12 – 2PM and open the juggle equipment.
We had a pretty good turn out some regulars and a lot of tourists. Although it was a slightly different crowd than normal it was still a lot of fun. The regulars Jeff, Joanna, Amanda, Karen and a few others came to play.
Children from a few years old and up came to smile, laugh, and learn with us. There is something magical about watching the extremely young become interested in the art of juggling. There is even something more magical about the face that anyone of any age makes the first time they are able to successfully throw and catch three balls in a juggle cascade pattern.
Even though the weather is cold and most likely getting colder the juggle shall continue. Yes we will keep the juggle gong year round as it has been done in the years past. Still the only normal weekday times will be committed but keep an eye on the Facebook group and / or page to find out about special night or weekend juggle times.
As is also normal for the group anyone and everyone is welcome; all skill levels, ages, races, creeds, genders, religions, etc.. “The only way to get better at something is to teach someone else how to do it and practice, practice, practice!”, Amanda 2013.
We hope you all enjoy the pictures.
All of us at the Bryant Park Juggle wish you a happy Holiday and hope to see you in the park juggling with us soon!


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