Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday - December 4, 2013

Well it does seem to be getting colder again. Today entering the city was a bit cold so the bundling of people with heavy coats, scarves, hats, and gloves was evident. Amazingly once again as I got to Bryant Park the temperature amazing went up; well from my perspective anyway. It could be the excitement of knowing that the day juggle is on and that this juggle gives some a social outlet or it could be that as I get to the park my body just knows it is time to work out and it warms itself. Either way, whatever may be true the day juggle was a lot of fun today!

Normally a Wednesday juggle is technically only committed from 12-1pm, but as with most of our juggles the commitment is just half the story. Today the juggle extended to 2:30 or so and it was well worth it as some jugglers did not arrive till nearly 2pm. Not sure of how many people attended today but I believe a safe number would be around 20 jugglers. Of course the 20 people were not in attendance all at the same time; some juggler were early and left early others were late and left late, but there is always a select few that arrive early and stay late – honorable mention here to Jeff  =)

After the juggle a couple of jugglers went out for some eats at a super cheap place near the park. I find it amazing to be able to find a 2 dollar meal in midtown Manhattan (rice and chicken from 2 brothers near 38th and 6th). Again thanks Jeff for the good food / cheap price find!

Only a few pictures today as it was a day for juggling and not picture taking. Wishing all the world a Happy Holiday and a great week – you’re half way there; yes it is that day again… where did that camel go? lol

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