Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday December 3, 2013 (day/night juggle)

Today at Bryant Park we did the day and night juggles; both with wonderfully warm weather. A wonderful turnout of people showed to juggle with us today. We could try to name names but with bad memories accounted for we will just let the pictures do the talking. The Honorable mentions of the day have to go to Alex for the non-juggling face of the week and Josh for balancing a club on his forehead while juggling 5 clubs in a cascade – nice work!
Today we also took a walk through the park to see what else goes on in the park out of our eyes view. We found live music including accordions by some stripped legging ladies and a three man acoustic band. We were also able to catch a picture of the Haydenettes warming up before the tree lighting.
We are also including a video of the Haydenettes. Our videographer was late to the performance so we only have the end of the routine and a warm Merry Christmas from Bryant Park.
Quick side note or commentary – Long beautiful nails and juggling clubs do not mix! LOL


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