Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday - November 29, 2013

Recently people have been beginning to realize the health benefits of juggling. Personally this writer juggles purely for the love of the art but there is no doubt that juggling is exercise. The temperature today in Bryant Park was freezing; not sure of the exact temperature. Heavy coat, gloves, hat, and boots yet still on the walk to the park I said to myself, “yeah maybe 15 minutes than I am out”.

Needless to say my stay at the park was much longer; nearly 2 hours in retrospect. Upon arriving at the park the regular crowd had met up and begun their daily juggles. I saw Seth, Jeff, Josh, Olga, Amanda and many more. Most notable of the day will have to be Seth and Olga for their hats of the day – some stuffed animal things or something – they were cute. Seth was also giving out hugs to the surprise of a few.

Anyway back to the cold and the juggling for exercise. I was freezing as I entered the park today. As normal I started with some ball work and quickly started to warm up. Although the coat and gloves did not come off the hat and scarf certainly did. It takes me about 15 minutes to get my body burning up with energizing heat. It is also an assumption that this is similar for other people. Final assumption is that when my body heats up and I no longer feel the cold I must be burning calories … while having a great fun time!

Very few pictures from today, it is just too cold to take pictures, but I believe the crowd is well represented. Have a great weekend and happy juggling to all from the Bryant Park Jugglers =)

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