Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Nov. 22, 2013 (Day Juggle)

Wow! Where has this weather come from? I walked into the park today wearing a slightly heavy coat and with gloves ready to juggle. After being in the park for no more than 2 minutes the coat came off and I thought it was spring already. A good group of jugglers came out for the afternoon fun; Seth, Jeff, Olga, Copper, Paris, Ann, Amanda, Josh, Alex and a great many more. There was even an appearance of the illusive Jordan today who has been working on a production of RENT at Brooklyn Friends School; he was actually looking quite dapper in his dressed up state =)

The blog has been neglected again and I can only apologize. Personal stuff has gotten in the way of blogging; in the twitterverse we call this an #epicFAIL. Moving on there are some videos and lots of pictures that should be posted in the next few days from the past few weeks.

Special mentions of the day would go to Seth and Olga for some amazing club passing patters and Copper for her gymnast exhibition! Thank you to all the participants for making today yet another great day in Bryant Park!

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