Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6, 2013

It was an unseasonably warm November day, one that made jackets optional -- and in fact, excessive, after getting warmed up from some juggling. The regulars included Alex, Seth, Jeff, Olga, Laura-Jeanne, Dillon, Kate and Josh. There was also a young woman wearing a very pretty multicolored knitted scarf. Also appeared was Brian who, it's such a sad story… stopped juggling for four years, recently found the Bryant Park Jugglers and has started juggling with us!
Seth and Olga were breaking records with impressive club juggling, even though there were a couple of times when Seth deftly dodged a club. Olga didn't throw the club AT Seth, did she? Nah, Olga would never actually aim for Seth's head... and that did actually only happened once. Laura-Jeanne and Brian progressed quickly with pre-club passing exercises in the span of only an hour or two. Josh amazed us with six balls and some balanced clubs. Kate contact-juggled her ball that looks like a crystal ball; and if you look at Bryant Park through the ball, it makes Bryant Park look like it's in a snow globe, sans snow. We do hope that Kate will bring her special ball out in the snow so we can get the full snow-globe effect. Great Day see you all soon!

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