Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York City and Juggling - 11-13-2013

New York City is known for its fast pace and high energy atmosphere. The Bryant Park Jugglers have found the perfect solution to a challenging work environment. Every day from 12 noon to 1 PM the group meets in the park for a day juggle. Many of the jugglers learnt how to juggle at the park on their lunch hours. Some jugglers came to the group as experienced or even professional jugglers. Either way a beginner or a novice all jugglers are welcome and all jugglers confess, to some degree, being advanced by juggling with such a diverse group of object manipulators.
The weather has begun to get a little chilly or even cold depending on your comfort level. Today’s juggle was a mix of the normal smiles, laughs, and concentration as jugglers attempted new patterns and generally had a great time. A normal addition to the day juggle was a local photography student taking pictures for an assignment due shortly later. I do hope she emails in some photos for the blog! I also apologize for not having her name to share at the time of this writing.
The normal crowd made an appearance; Jordan, Alex, Seth, Olga, Jeff, Crystal, Amanda, Josh, and many more. The juggling club met on “The Green” in Bryant Park; which is basically in the south-western corner behind the Bank of America Winter Village. The spot has two large putting greens which are great for practicing and having fun with juggling. We hope to see you at our juggle event – come and learn, come and watch, come and teach.

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