Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday - November 27, 2013

Woke up today and looked out the window to see a grey sky and rain falling. I figured stay in bed there is no reason to come to life today. A few minutes passed then my mind started to think about the Bryant Park Day Juggle. A few moments later I found myself waking up and getting ready to head to the city for the day juggle. Yes it is / was cold and rainy but upon arriving at the park the temperature went up and the rain slowed to a slow drizzle.

There was a small crowd of between 6 and 10 jugglers today in the drizzle. In attendance was Alex, Crystal, Amanda, Seth, Olga, Jeff, David, and a few others. We had some toss juggling of balls and clubs. There was also some club passing with 2 – 4 people patterns.

Everyone seems to be working very hard on new patterns as the winter season hits us full steam. David is still working on is 3 ball box patterns; and getting pretty good quickly. Amanda is still striving to hit a 5 ball cascade but for now is stuck on a 5 ball flash and several 4 ball practice patterns. Seth and Olga are also working hard on several club passing patterns. Alex was working clubs and balls mostly just being his normal friendly self; helping anyone that will listen.

Everyone once in a while I find it necessary to thank Bryant Park and Alex for organizing, supporting, and continuing the juggles! So thanks!

Our day and night juggles are open to anyone from a person with no skill at all to a person that is professional. Only rules would be to be friendly and willing to learn! See you soon =)

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